Carpets take up a good portion of every home we’ve cleaned in Utah. That got us thinking: carpet is a big part of our lives but we often take it for granted and don’t take the steps necessary to protect it. Replacing carpets can be expensive. It is much better to act in a preventative way to clean and protect your carpets than to be constantly replacing carpets. ProForce Utah is about providing a service and value to our Utah neighbors. That is the reason we have invested in a top of the line truck mounted system and it is the reason we clean carpets with a passion. It’s not because we are passionate about cleaning carpets (though we do love what we do) it is because we are passionate about Utah and the people we serve. For that reason, we want share some simple carpet cleaning tips you can use to clean and take care of your carpets and flooring. Using these tips will clean and protect your carpets and, in the long run, save you your hard earned money. This the first in a series of posts we will make about how to clean and protect your carpets.

Tip 1: Vacuum

Vacuuming is where most people begin when it comes to cleaning carpets so it is an obvious place to start with this list. Unfortunately, vacuuming is also where many people end the care and cleaning of their carpets, hence the reason for the rest of the list! Vacuuming should be done at least once a week and should be done more in high traffic areas. Vacuuming cleans and removes particles of gunk and junk that damage your carpet.

Take your time when you vacuum. It is best to go slow and be deliberate. Ensure that you vacuum the entire carpeted area. To get the best wall-to-wall vacuuming divide the room into sections (quadrants work great) and vacuum each section entirely before moving to the next section.

If you have think, plush carpet then it is especially important to take your time. Make several passes over each section to make sure you get dirt that will have settled near the bottom of the carpet.

Pay attention to where people’s feet often are (like entrances and near couches and chairs). These areas need special care. Vacuum these areas slowly and in a crisscross fashion to be sure you clean them as well as possible.

Once you have thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned your carpets, you can apply a soil retardant to protect against future damage. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions carefully when applying soil retardants. You can also add baking soda (or a mixture of baking soda and essential oils) to your vacuum bag (or sprinkled on your carpet) to fight odors.

For tips on how to clean spots, spills, and stains check back for the next article in our carpet cleaning tips series!

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