In our last addition we discussed how important it is to vacuum regularly, how to break vacuuming up into chunks, and how to properly vacuum certain areas of your home. Vacuuming is an important part of home and commercial carpet care. However, sometimes there are spots, spills, and stains that a vacuum just won’t pick up. In fact, vacuuming some spills and stains can actually damage your carpet, your vacuum, and, ultimately, your wallet.

In today’s carpet cleaning tip, we will discuss how you can handle tough stains and spills before calling ProForce Carpet Cleaning Utah.

  • Rule number 1 for treating spots, spills and stains on your carpet: clean immediately. Do not let the stain set into the carpet. Every second counts when you are trying to remove a stain from carpet. If you act quickly you will probably be able to remove the stain entirely, leaving no trace behind. Here are a few more stain cleaning tips:
  • Blot the area and get as much of the spill/stain off the carpet before applying any cleaning solution.
  • Test cleaning solutions in a hidden area of your carpet first. Try the carpet cleaning agent in a closet or some other hidden area first to be sure it won’t do more harm than good.
  • DO NOT rub the spill. This can push the stain in deeper and spread it wider. Blot or scrape the area but DO NOT rub.
  • Use a clean towel (preferably white) to dry the carpet and brush the nap back into place. It is important to brush the nap back to avoid crushing and carpet damage.
  • If the stain has already started to absorb deep into the carpet (or if you have think especially thick carpet), stack towels about ¾-1-inch-high on the spot and weigh them down. This will help absorb more of the liquid.

*Note* these tips are for liquids such as juice or fruit spills. For tips on how to treat carpet that is stained with chocolate, mud, urine (pet or otherwise), and other tough stains, check out tip 3!

For especially difficult stains, remember that ProForce Carpet Cleaning Utah uses a state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning system. Our processes and eco-friendly cleaners will leave your carpets looking fresh and clean! Contact us today to remove those pesky stains!

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