Different carpet materials absorb and handle different types of stains in unique ways. For instance, in our last postwe discussed how to treat and remove a variety of common stains from synthetic-fiber carpets. Another form category of stain involves oil and grease materials that can be very difficult to remove from carpets. Again, synthetic-fiber carpets and natural-fiber carpets should be treated differently. At the very base, molecular level, synthetic-fiber and natural-fiber are very different and therefore absorb stains differently. It is important that you know what type of carpet or rug that you have and take the proper steps to clean stains.

Oil and Grease Stains, including: butter, salad dressing, cheese, eggnog, cooking oil, tree sap, crayons, (oil based) lotion, mascara, lipstick, nail polish.

Follow these steps for treating oil and grease stains:

Synthetic AND natural-fiber solvent solution: use an oil solvent or substitute nail polish remover (gentle non-acetone remover)

  1. Apply a SMALL bit of solvent on a WHITE cloth (using white removes the danger of dyes from the cloth bleeding into your carpet…which would defeat the purpose!).
  2. Dab repeatedly
  3. Press the stain with the cloth for several seconds (firmly)
  4. Wait an hour. If needed repeat as long as you see the stain lightening

Follow these steps for natural-fiber carpets and rugs with oil or grease stains:

  1. Apply small bit of solvent (same as above) to white cloth
  2. Blot the spot
  3. Spray the stain with natural-fiber carpet detergent solution (Mix one teaspoon of translucent liquid dishwashing detergent, such as Dawn or Joy, into 1 cup of lukewarm water)
  4. Spray spot with warm water
  5. Blot with white cloth
  6. Wait an hour. Repeat as long as you see the stain lightening

If you do not see the stains lightening (on synthetic or natural-fiber carpeting or rugs), contact ProForce Carpet Cleaning of Utah immediately. We will get your carpet looking fresh and clean! Stay tuned for more great carpet cleaning tips coming your way!

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