How can you tell when it’s time to replace carpet rather than just clean it? With older or poor quality carpet the time to replace the carpet comes much
sooner than most homeowners want. Damaged carpet can become ugly and dangerous. So how can you tell when it’s time to say goodbye to your carpet?

If the damage is bad enough the carpet can begin to lift up from the subfloor, bunch together, shed, or even rip. These kinds of damages can lead to
tripping and other danger for children and others. You may notice that this kind of damage tends to happen where pets frequently are, kids’ areas, or other
high traffic areas. This means lots of people see it and there are lots of opportunity for tripping and injuries.

If your carpet is beginning to bunch, rip, or lift from the subfloor, steps need to be taken. If your carpet is of a higher quality and you act quickly
enough you may be able to save yourself some hassle and money. If acted upon quickly a simple re-tacking to the subfloor can be done. If there are some
holes, rips, or bunching, a patch or stretching method can be utilized rather than replacing the entire carpet.

The decision of when to replace an entire carpet is ultimately up to you. However, replacing entire house, floor, or even room full of carpet can be a
hassle and pricey. Believe it or not you can preserve the life of your carpet by having quality, experience professionals clean your carpet regularly.

ProForce utilizes the latest and greatest in carpet cleaning technology to gently and effectively clean and restore your carpet. We use a high pressured
truck mounted system that super heats the water we use. This extremely heated water allows us to avoid using substances and chemicals that are abrasive and
do more damage than good to your carpet. The chemicals we do use are gentle on your carpet. Our chemicals are also kid safe, pet friendly and

You can also take some simple steps to care for your carpet. For instance:

    1. Vacuum regularly


  • Remove your shoes when on carpeted areas


  1. Take care not to drag heavy furniture across the carpet

So, before your carpets are beyond help, contact ProForce today and let us gently restore your carpet to the beautiful rug you picked on the showroom

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