Tips to treat pet stains

Only pet owners can really understand the bond that can be created between a person and an animal. Whether your beloved pet is a dog, cat, or any other
kind of house dwelling animal, you can grow to love them like a member of your own family. However, one of the downsides of having an animal is having to
train them when and where to do their business. Even the most well-behaved pets can have accidents. Here are few steps and pointers on how to care for pet
soiled carpet and upholstery.

  • Find they soiled area. Seems like an obvious first step, right? We’ll get to how to find the soiled area later (sometimes it’s easier to find than other
  • Clean the area completely. We’ll get to tips on this later too, but the point here is to be thorough in cleaning the soiled carpet or upholstery. Even if
    you can’t smell it your pet likely can and they will return to the spot.
  • Make the area unattractive to your pet. Also, make your pets “bathroom area” more attractive. Now is also a good time to mention that if your pet is
    usually well-behaved in potty-business you might want to have a veterinarian check them out so as to rule out a medical reason for the accident.

OK, so let’s get into some more detailed directions on how to find the pet soiled carpet or upholstery.

  • Smell – This is the obvious one. Use the old sniffer to target the area. If nothing else, you can usually find the general location.
  • Touch – You may need to feel for the area. Protip: use a paper towel so you don’t actually touch the pet soiled area but can still tell when you’ve found
  • Sight – Sometimes you can plainly see the spot, other times require a little more investigation. You may want to use a black light to find the area. Turn
    out the lights and shine the black light on the suspected area (this is also a great way to see if you have cleaned the area thoroughly enough later on).
    You’ll know it when you see it. Hopefully your house doesn’t light up like the 4th of July under the black light spotlight.

Now that you’ve found the pet stained area, how do you clean it?

  1. Soak up – soak as much of the stain as possible first thing. Newspapers and paper towels work great in this regard. Best case scenario: you find the stain
    while it’s still wet (this will help remove the pet odor from carpet and upholstery the most). Put a layer of paper towels on top of the wet area then a
    layer of newspaper on top of that (if possible slide newspaper under the area too). Stand on the padding for a minute or so to soak up as much the stuff as
  2. Put the soaked padding in the proper area for a time. This will help your pet go to the right spot.
  3. Rinse – use cool water to rinse the area. You can blot it or use a wet vac…or even better you can call ProForce for a pet treatment sure to thoroughly
    rinse and clean the pet stained carpet, upholstery, or other area.

If the stain is no longer wet

  1. Rent an extractor or wet vac – you can use one of these machines to treat the area. Or, once again, ProForce has a team of excellent pet stain removers.
  2. Use a pet odor neutralizer – after the area is clean use one of these products. However, be warned that too much can do damage to your carpet or upholstery
    which can be pricey in the long run.
  3. Use a stain remover – These can also cause damage so use with prudence
  4. Avoid steam – steam sets the stain. ProForce has a great steam cleaning system for carpet, but we also know how to use it. We use a high powered extractor after we steam clean to ensure that no stain, odor, or water is leftover. For pet treatment we take
    the utmost care to leave your carpet looking (and smelling) great.
  5. Avoid chemicals – these too can cause damage and be harmful to you and your pet. ProForce only uses gentle agents that are pet, child, and eco friendly.
  6. If the stain has soaked to the padding – CALL ProForce ASAP

Follow these simple steps to keep your carpets clean and smelling great while protecting your family and pets. For further help or a free pet treatment
quote contact ProForce today.

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